Thursday, 10 November 2022

Things That Go Bump - In The Car

Here is an interesting infographic from the folks at OSV Limited which features lots of facts about parking accidents. Check out things including the number of motorists that have had a parking prang and the number of drivers who don't inform other car owners when they bump into them.

things that go bump


Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Colour Psychology And How It Can Impact Your Brand

If you are trying to pick the right colours for your brand then you should definitely check out this good looking infographic that features information about colour psychology. Includes statistics, how brands use colours and what the colours represent.

colour psychology infographic

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

The Most Famous Dogs of Drool Time

Here is an entertaining infographic from the website called Diamond Pets which shows some of the most famous dogs of drool time. Check out fun facts about dogs such as Droolius Caesar, Queen Elizabark and 50 Scent.

famous dogs

Friday, 19 August 2022

What Voice Actors Have to Master

Here is a well designed infographic from the people at Breadnbeyond that will teach you all bout the skills that voice actors have to get the hang of to get paid. The design includes sections on  how much voice actors can earn, what skills the voice actors have to gain and more.

What Voice Actors Have to Master


Friday, 15 July 2022

Why Replacing Glass With Plastic is the Way Forward

Here is a quality infographic from the guys at Simply Plastics which offers information about why plastic can be better than glass. Learn about things such as glass items you can replace with plastic and the recyclability of plastic.

replacing glass with plastic


Wednesday, 13 July 2022

13 Times Branding Was Done Perfectly

Here is a well designed infographic from the people at VizionOnline that offers information about some of the most influential and iconic brands of recent years. Check out this design to learn about popular brands such as Headspace, Airbnb and Dropbox.

13 Times Branding Was Done Perfectly