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Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers

10 Irish Inventions That Changed The World

Modern chemistry? Tick. Color photography? Tick. Both Irish inventions, and, as you can see from the infographic (by Go Ireland), there are many more. And when it comes to refreshing beverages, it's not just Guinness that should come to mind. Raise a toast to soda water and chocolate milk, both Irish inventions to rival the black stuff.

The Path to Becoming a Nurse is Easier than you Think

In today's tough job market, nursing is one of the few fields still in high demand. With a high potential for employment and job security, the route to a rewarding career is easier than ever. A BSN degree teaches critical thinking, provides practical skills in the workplace and ultimately prepares students for a leadership position in nursing. See how easy it is to attain your nursing degree.
The Path to Becoming a Nurse Is Easier than You Think
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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Apple’s Cash Pile Explained (All of Greece and Canada Get iPads!)

5 Endangered Places to Visit Before They Disappear

From the impressive snow caps of Mount Kilimanjaro to the romantic city of Venice, these are places under threat from changes in the environment. So to tie in with the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting which is currently being held in Davos, we have produced this exciting infographic which identifies our top 5 holiday destinations to visit before they’re gone.
5 Endangered Places to Visit Before They Disappear – Thomas Cook
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Big Time Heists

From small home invasions to big heists, burglary is one of the most common crimes in the world. In fact, According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one robbery occurs every 54 seconds. While a typical home invasion costs its victim an average of $1,268, a big-time heist could cost millions. Could you imagine losing over $300 million dollars? That is precisely what happened at the Gardner Museum in March of 1990. Check out the details of that heist, and 9 others in our infographic that details the circumstances surrounding 10 big-time heists that took place all over the world.
home security
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The St. Louis Workforce: A Gateway to Employment

With the recent buzz around St. Louis, we wanted to give our perspective on why St. Louis is a great place to work and live, focusing on the St. Louis workforce. For starters, St. Louis’ unemployment rate is lower than the national unemployment rate. St. Louis, on average, is also more educated than the nation with 41 percent of residents having completed postsecondary education. Because of these statistics, it’s not hard to understand why The Huffington Post named St. Louis as one of the “Top 10 Best Cities for Recent Grads” in 2011. Check out our infographic to find out what else St. Louis’ workforce has to offer.
St Louis Employment Infographic by Extra Help
Infographic by Extra Help, an Employment Services Company

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Nürburgring Infographic - aka The Green Hell

Germany’s Nürburgring, nicknamed the Green Hell, is one of the longest and most challenging race tracks in the world. It’s made up of two racetracks - the Nordschleife (Northern Loop), and the Grand Prix Circuit which combined cover over 26km. This makes it the worlds longest permanent racetrack, that is until the Gotland Ring is completed later this year.
It’s a race track, a testing center for new cars, and a is open to public speed junkies for just €26/lap. The Nürburgring is an insanely twisty track with 40 left-hand bends, 50 right-hand bends and a 300m height difference. It’s been described as seeming “as if a reeling, drunken giant had been sent out to determine the route”. Crashes occur daily and there are endless rumours about the number of public fatalities per year.
Deciding on who holds the lap record for a production car is a very debatable subject, determining what counts as a street-legal production car is open to a lot of interpretation. We've gone for what generally seem to be the most accepted records, though do take 'production car' with a pinch of salt. The ring is under danger though, with threats of closing, to support it visit Save the Ring.
We think it’s a monster of a track and are seriously impressed by those who can master it!
Nurburgring Infographic
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The Truth About Facebook Depression

Colours Of The Social World

When a social network like Twitter allows a user to select a theme to represent themselves in the digital world, that user is choosing to identify their digital persona with colors... And we wanted to look at who chooses what colors... If the world is made up of people and those people have a color preference... what then is the color of Texas? What color are mothers? What color are we?
By looking at the more than 1 Million people who have used our Themeleon tool to design their Twitter Profile in the past 3 months, we were able to paint a picture of the world connecting colors to locations and profile data. Below is a visual guide to what we found: What we noticed first was that a huge majority of people don't wander that far off from Twitter's default light blue colors... and then we went digging deeper.
*A little note regarding the "World vs. U.S." - We know the map is of the United States and does not represent the world, we only focused the map part of the infographic on the U.S. so we had a manageable amount of data to work with and geolocate. The keywords, male & female and video sections below all use data from around the world*
themeleon twitter colors - Colors of the Social World (Wide Web) [Infographic + Video]

Colour Science

How Do Colours Affect Purchases?

The Psychology Of COLOUR

Villains Vs Heros

Fatal Truck Accidents!

Anyone who has spent time driving in Texas understands that large trucks are a constant sight on the highways and in the cities. The trucking industry is a mainstay of both the American and the Texan economies, and while those who drive these enormous vehicles are generally highly trained and skilled, trucking accidents can and do occur. When these situations arise, those who have been harmed as a result need to seek the help of Texas commercial trucking accident attorneys. Below are just some of the reasons why this is an advisable step.
Commercial Trucking Accidents Create Devastation
Commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, and they can move with as much speed as much smaller vehicles. Therefore, when a trucking accident occurs, the basic physics involved leave behind a wake of devastation. These vehicles can tear through anything that they encounter, and they are also prone to tipping on their sides which creates an entirely different type of danger. Anyone who has seen a trucking accident understands that anyone in the immediate area is immediately placed in a situation of grave danger, and serious injuries and fatalities are often the result.
Trucking Regulations are Voluminous and Relevant
Few industries are more heavily regulated than the trucking industry. Every aspect of moving a load of cargo must meet certain guidelines and rules, including the type of cargo involved, the weight of the cargo, how the cargo is loaded and how many hours at one time the driver is allowed to drive. When a trucking accident occurs, those who have been harmed need to not only understand these regulations but also apply them to the specifics of the truck that was involved in the accident in order to determine the degree of negligence involved.
Discovery Can Be Difficult
If someone files a Texas personal injury lawsuit against a trucking company, the process of discovery can be challenging. Not only are records sometimes difficult to obtain, but several other factors could be important to ascertain, including whether the truck driver was an employee or an independent contractor at the time, whether the driver was a sole proprietor and whether the driver has kept accurate logs of his or her time behind the wheel.
As a result of all of these considerations in regards to a Texas commercial trucking accident, anyone who has been seriously harmed in these situations needs to be able to find legal help to make sure that their legal rights are properly protected. If this includes you or someone you love, contact the Texas commercial trucking accident attorneys at Parker McDonald, P.C. today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Who Needs A Pinterest Invite?

Pinterest looks like a digital pinboard, that allows you to find and share what you like over the web. You can take a look pinboards created by other people and discover new stuff you may like and get inspired by people who share your interests. You can create different boards with different topic. Now we're setting up a board about geosocial networkingWe have a lot of pinterest invitation (yes, pinterest is an invitation only service,for limited people only), in order to get one please do the following things;

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The Top 10 Scams of 2010 in the U.S. and Canada

Have you been the victim of a scam recently? If you answered yes, then unless someone has hacked into one of your accounts, you probably unknowingly handed over some of your personal data to the crook. The majority of scams, be they advance-fee loan scams or debt relief and settlement scams, require the victim to fall prey to some sort of phishing. It clearly helps, then, to be aware of what sorts of scams are being reported most often, which is why the Better Business Bureau (BBB) put together this infographic with the top 10 scams in the U.S. and Canada of 2010.
And who better than the BBB, the first organization many consumers turn to when they want to file a complaint? "It's better to ask questions first than file a complaint later, and the BBB tells us that in this infographic, an inquiry consists of 'a customer seeking out our business information,' and that generally happens before a purchase," Mashable, which first drew our attention to this infographic, points out. "The BBB handles complaints after purchases as well, which are listed separately on the table below."
Infographics are always a bit of a hodgepodge of statistics culled from a variety of sources. Here, we sort through the clutter and pull out some of our favorite facts and figures:

  • Breaking down the anatomy of a scam: 1. the hook (Click here to win a new iPad 2); 2. the frustration (Just one more step to get your FREE iPad 2); 3. the redirect (Oops, looks like you're not logged in); 4. the fool (Log in here); 5. the payoff (Oops, looks like there was a problem logging you in... but thanks for your credentials).
  • Job hunter scams target bank account and/or Social Security numbers. The pitch: We will match you up with a perfect job that's ready and waiting for you. The result: Victims must pay a fee to be considered for a job. Out of money they don't have, still no job.
  • Work from home schemes target employees tired of the same 9-5 routine. In some cases, they unknowingly work to fence stolen goods. The pitch: Fire your boss! We can teach you the secrets to making money online, assembling items at home or being a mystery shopped. The result: Instead of getting paid, you can end up losing hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars or in legal trouble.
  • Over-payment scams target any amount of money that is wired back. The pitch: Oops, I accidentally sent you too much money, would you please wire some back? The result: Transaction is reversed, and the victim is out the money wired back to the scammers.
  • Lottery and sweepstakes scams target payment under the guide of "covering taxes" or other bogus "fees." The pitch: You have won a large lottery or sweepstakes and just have to cover taxes before receiving your money. The result: The victim wires the money but the prize or money never arrives.
  • Not so "free" trial offers target repeated monthly billings. The pitch: Try a free offer and never be charged -- unless you want to continue the offer. The result: The free trial offers seem easy, the consumer is repeatedly billed every month and is difficult to cancel.


Most Addictive Games Of All Time!

Top Ten Features of Windows 8

Interesting and unique features of Windows 8

Windows To Go: Windows 8 is bootable from USB device, so called Live USB, which we have seen for Linux years ago. However, one interesting feature is that Live USB of Windows8 also retains user’s programs, settings and files.
Windows Store: So users gonna purchase and download apps from their apps store huhhh (similar to Apple’s App Store), will this check pirated softwares?
Metro Style UI: One of the sexiest user interface ever build by Microsoft. If you have been using Metro Twit App, then you might already experience the interactivity coupled with simplicity in Windows 8’s most uncluttered UI. We will be experiencing with tiles, substitute for icons.
Security got better (?): Sadly people hardly believe on security aspect of Microsoft’s Windows. Windows Defender, however, is supposed to give a better security in Windows 8. Wait and see state of computation.
Internet Explorer 10: While the market share of IE as an internet browser has been decreasing; Windows 8 will feature IE 10 by default. Good feature with Internet Explorer 10 is that it will have better CSS3, HTML5, and hardware acceleration improvements. Also acid performance is supposed to be higher like in IE 9. But will people love Internet Explorer 10 (like they din’t with IE9), the question remains to be seen.
Rocketed Booting: Turn ON and use the PC with lightening speed using Windows 8’s new addition, the Protogon file system (What is Protogon file system?). We have observed the faster booting time of less than 13 seconds in Windows 8’s developer build.
Apps always ON: Apps are always on without having to shave off resources, eliminating time spent on launching; let’s hope they consume optimized or least computing resources in Windows 8 platform.
Minimal RAM: So, how much memory (RAM) does Windows 8 need? Absolutely, no need to panic, run Windows 8 with less than 300 Mb RAM thru a better resource handling and management system.
Single Platform: Windows 8 OS is supposed to be used in all platforms available today. Windows 8 runs equally on desktop, laptop, tablet, slate devices and mobile phones; just ARM and x86 microprocessors are supported again!
Integrated Social Networking and Cloud: You can use Facebook and Twitter inside the Windows 8 because of integrated social networking in it. Plus Windows Live Service’s Cloud service, Sky Drive, is also supposed to get integrated into Windows 8. This will put Windows 8 into cloud.

What you say? Share your views about Windows 8 even tho’ the release date of Windows 8 is yet to be fixed within year 2012.

The Rise Of Minecraft

How Smartphones, Tablets and Facebook Are Changing The Way People Shop

Learning to Love Tennis

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Bicycle Theft in US Universities

What You Should Know
• 1 in 13 bikes are stolen on a university campus
• 1 in 315 bikes stolen on a university campus is recovered and returned to its owner
• The average value of a stolen bike is $350
• The average value of a bike lock is $20

What You Can Do
• Buy a U-lock and chain at your local bike store
• Register your bike, so that your bike's serial number is automatically on file in a national database
• Check back with MyAssetTag. It's developing a bike registry and bike asset tags, all free
• Share this infographic and registry with your friends and readers, so that less people lose their bikes
Bicycle Theft in US Universities
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Friday, 20 January 2012

A Guide To Travel Therapy Jobs

The "Guide To Travel Therapy Jobs" presents survey data obtained from our nationwide base of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology professionals. This information is intended to help prospective candidates get an inside look at a travel therapy career, including the motivational factors, demographics, benefits and salary trends of current travelers.

The Psychology Of Color

The Psychology of Color [Infographic]

10 Tips to Getting a Free Hotel Room Upgrade

Ever thrown envious glances towards the executive suite only to check into your single room? Or wished you could enjoy a sea view instead of overlooking the car park? Well, sometimes it’s possible to get that little bit more out of your hotel stay – by bagging a nicer room than you’ve paid for. So just for a bit of fun, we thought we’d share some insider knowledge on the best ways to get a hotel room upgrade – for free… Read on to find 10 of the best hints, tips and tricks that could land you a better hotel room than you’d originally planned!


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How To Spot a Yelp User

The Cloud for Dummies

If your only idea of a cloud is that fluffy looking mass of droplets and other particles in the sky, man, you’re way too stuck in the ancient ways. But don’t worry. You’re not alone. A lot of people have been using this technology without even knowing that there is a collective term for it. And for all we know, your idea of “cloud” might not be entirely useless.
Actually, it isn’t. Imagine putting all your files, documents and other information in a cloud in the sky. Wherever you go, you can see and access this cloud. You can store more files, use/edit documents, or delete stored info from anywhere as long as you have a computer, laptop, mobile phone or any other internet-enabled gadget.
This is how the cloud works. Storage, hosting of files (such as music, photos, applications, videos, etc.), and other services are outsourced to web-based cloud hosting service providers. The best part is: you can avail most of these services for less, if not for free. Check this out:
(Via @ComLov)
Author bio: Nikko Marasigan is a Marketing Consultant for ServerPoint - a leading VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting and web hosting since 1998.

How Businesses use Social Media – Hiscox Insurance

Hiscox – who provide small business insurance – commissioned a study of social media usage by SME’s.
From their results, 43% of small businesses still fail to utilise social media , despite the fact that over 800 million people are now using Facebook and over 200 million use Twitter. This is without even considering the raft of all the other social media sites at the fingertips of the small businesses.
After gaining responses from over 300 owners, we found that businesses most commonly used the platforms for simply increasing brand awareness, while a much smaller number used social media to directly increase sales.
You would have thought small business would realise the importance of utilising social media for growing their businesses, after all, 53% of adults who use social media, follow brands. While nearly a quarter of all the time consumers spend on the internet, is now spent browsing through social media sites and blogs.
How Businesses use Social Media – Hiscox Insurance

Friday, 6 January 2012

The History of Online Video

Ok, this graphic isn’t actually about the entire history of online video: it only covers the past five years. Still, though, the graphic is cleverly made and gives you a real glimpse into the hyper-competitive, hyper-innovative world of online video. Most of the major online video breakthroughs happened in the past five years anyway, so this graphic is adequate in that regard. To create this graphic, the Techsmith team worked with The Blog Herald, and they did a stupendous job, as usual.
The graph first points out that 69% of Internet users download or watch video online. 61% watch movies and TV shows, and 23% download videos. The graphic then goes on to present facts that take no one by surprise. 18-29 year-olds are the heaviest consumers of Internet video. Now, here’s the all important fact. And bad fact if you hoped that video sharing websites were going to make money. Only 4% of users pay to watch content online. Back 2007, that number, surprisingly was higher, as 7% did.
Then the graphic goes into a timeline. Key events include the creation of Youtube in 2005, it’s sale in 2006, and the birth of Revision 3 and Podtec. 2006 was an important year not just because of Youtube’s sale to Google for 1.65 billion (who thinks that Google overpaid by the way?), but also because many people stopped downloading .mov files in 2006 and instead watched videos via flash. 2008, as the graphic displays, was the year that online celebrities started to come into their own (whatever that means). Youtubers like Smosh and Brookers bounced their way into living rooms across the country. In March of 2009, the Streamy Awards honored web series from 2009. The awards show was a complete smash, as youtubers like Smosh and iJustine bagged more awards than they could shake a stick at.
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Cloud Computing Stats

cloud computing infographic