Friday, 24 August 2012

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"The Life Cycle Of A Plastic Bag"

Life Cycle of a Plastic Bag

Human Vs Animal

How To Care Pets In Hot Weather

Car Accident And What Cause Them?

How Dangerous Are Motorcycles!

Riding on a motorcycle, a small bump or object in the road can turn a fun ride to a tragic one. The odds are already stacked up against motorcyclists as 80% of motorcycle accidents involve injuries, as opposed to the 20% of car accidents. But that is to say the least, as other factors can also come into play if a collision does occur.
Infographic: Motorcycle Accidents
Infographic authored by Sutliff & Stout, motorcycle accident lawyers

Volunteers of America, Or Thrifting

This infographic is all about the benefits of thrifting! From helping the environment saving the massive amounts of water needed to grow the cotton for new garments, to saving money on those designer jeans you see in the department stores, to preventing 20 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste. With the new school year getting ramped up, parents will be heading out to buy their kids some new duds, all the while hoping to save a little money. If parents take their kids thrifting instead of the mall - they can get all the clothes their children want AND save a ton of money in the process - which is a huge plus when they outgrow them in 6 months!

The Oakville Real Estate Market for July 2012

The Oakville Real Estate data for July has been released and we are continuing our infographic series with a quick look at home sales and statistics for the month of July. Home prices saw a major rise in July compared to July 2011 with an average $22,000 increase (3%). If you are thinking of buying or selling, we hope this might give you some insight into the current state of the Oakville real estate market and remember, the national trends you are currently hearing about in the media do not necessarily translate to the Oakville market as it tends to consistently outperform vs. the rest of Canada.
The Oakville Real Estate Market for July 2012 - Infographic by Krisztina Neglia Team
 By Krisztina Neglia Oakville Real Estate Agent

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Video Games:Digital Vs Retail Sales


The Internet A Decade Later

Are You Ready To Visit Model Train Museums?

You can witness the winding journey of railroading, but you have to do it right. Model railroad museums allow everyone to enjoy and educate themselves on the rich history of railroading. New-comers and model train hobbyists alike find the awe behind the detail and displays in every museum, but if you haven’t experienced it yet, we can help. There are diverse museums around the country that showcase authentic and historical train sets, as well as other train treasures and must-sees. We’ve created a blueprint of what you need to know and where you should go in order to maximize the amazing. Before you chug along, check this out!
Visiting Model Train Museums?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What Is PPI?

By now, we have all heard of the three infamous letters, PPI. The term has been repeated far and wide but do you really know the answer to 'what is PPI'and how it was mis-sold?

Summer Screen Time

School is out, its relatively warm and most of the time its not raining. It must be summer! However, how much time are today's children actually spending outside rather than sat inside in front of a screen? Here are the results of a study commissioned by Galt toys, who look into how kids spend their summer.

White Hat, Black Hat, Gray Hat, SEO

Historical Prices of Gasoline

How Big Is The SEO Industry On The Internet