Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How Businesses use Social Media – Hiscox Insurance

Hiscox – who provide small business insurance – commissioned a study of social media usage by SME’s.
From their results, 43% of small businesses still fail to utilise social media , despite the fact that over 800 million people are now using Facebook and over 200 million use Twitter. This is without even considering the raft of all the other social media sites at the fingertips of the small businesses.
After gaining responses from over 300 owners, we found that businesses most commonly used the platforms for simply increasing brand awareness, while a much smaller number used social media to directly increase sales.
You would have thought small business would realise the importance of utilising social media for growing their businesses, after all, 53% of adults who use social media, follow brands. While nearly a quarter of all the time consumers spend on the internet, is now spent browsing through social media sites and blogs.
How Businesses use Social Media – Hiscox Insurance

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